Transportation of Business or Company Workers or Visitors

We offer passenger transport service from Novi Sad, Belgrade or other cities in the region of Vojvodina by car or minivan to any airport in the area, Nikola Tesla Airport in Belgrade, or Budapest, Timisoara, Tuzla or Zagreb.

Welcome to the airports with your name on the board, boarding our vehicle in the parking lot in front of the terminal.

We also offer transportation from any city to Novi Sad or another city. For all foreign or domestic business visitors, for all guests from the hotel in Novi Sad we provide transportation to the address or some sights in the city, cinema, concert or Fortress, Fair, shopping centers Spence, Big or Promenade with waiting and return to the hotel, for individuals or smaller or larger groups.

Transport from Novi Sad to the airport in Belgrade to the center of Belgrade or any address in Belgrade and its surroundings.

To all hotels in Belgrade or companies or business facilities, to boat docks or the Port of Belgrade.
Also to the surrounding cities in Serbia or in the countries of the region.Our services are based on many years of experience and professional skills of our workers. For business visitors, directors or master service technicians, we offer transportation from Belgrade or Novi Sad to any factory or business location in Belgrade, Novi Sad or Fruška Gora or the surrounding area, with waiting, with drivers who speak English. We provide transportation by business, ordinary or off road vehicles, we also drive smaller or larger business groups of passengers or foreign visitors. We can also organize short tourist trips to wineries or some other tourist attraction. You can pay for rides after rides with Visa or Master cards. All rides are performed by passenger cars or mini vans (8 + 1 seats) driving on highways in order to get to the selected city in Vojvodina or Serbia or to the desired address. In case of need and crowds at border crossings, we will suggest an alternative route.

When booking, indicate the method of payment, cash or card.

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You can also make a reservation by calling the phone number: +381 65 624 35 26 Viber or WhatsApp